Very Fine Cut Pyramids

Very Fine Cut Pyramids

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  • Plastic
  • Use for very fine surface conditioning
  • Often used in precision metals industry 
  • Use on soft metals , copper, brass, alum
  • Offers smooth finish but little shine
  • ¼” Pyramids
  • Use with Raytech Compound B Solution
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Tumbling media is manufactured in special shapes and sizes. The shape is manufactured to be able to reach all areas of the part and provide more media-to-part contact. The more contact, the faster the result. Vibratory finishing with media is the final step in the process and it includes grinding down unwanted burrs, smoothing sharp edges and providing a polished finish.The shape, material and size of vibratory media vary depending on the parts’ material, shape and strength. Choosing the right finishing media optimizes the quality of your finished product while providing cost-effective, mass-produced results.
  • Plastic media , usually has a polyester base, and is generally used for softer metals such as aluminum, brass and zinc workpieces. It will produce a very smooth finish , but very little shine. Plastic media is excellent when preparing the workpiece for anodizing. Plastic media does not discolor metal and does not peen over burrs. It is generally 30% lighter than ceramic media. Use for general metal removal, pre-paint or pre-plate finishing polishing. 
Brown, V-Cut, Cone (medium cut), Green (light cut), and White (very fine cut).

Density:  55 lbs/cu ft


WARNING: This product can expose you to lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

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