As Raytech Industries does not manufacture all of the items listed, you are required to followthe actual manufacturer’s instructions and conform to properinstructions and requirements for appropriate use.




Delivery and shipment dates are estimates only. Manufacturer is not liable , directly or indirectly, for delays by carriers or delays from obtaining materials from its vendors.




All prices are subject to change without notice.
SHORTAGES: Must be reported immediately. Claims for losses or damage in transit must be made to the transportation company.




Special Orders for products may not be cancelled. All other orders may be cancelled prior to the creation of the shipping order. Cancellations may not be made online, instead please contact Customer Service.




Shipping & Handling charges will be applied to your order and added to your invoice unless otherwise agreed to by Raytech and the customer.





Credit card payments will be accepted for orders placed online or when placed directly with Customer Service. Online orders may not be modified once submitted. In the event there is a credit/refund due back to you in connection with an order paid by credit card, the credit/refund will be posted to your credit card upon receipt of the returning product within 10 business days. Prepayment and prompt payment discounts are not applied to orders paid by credit card. Credit cards may be declined at the authorization point if the card you are using is not connected to the worldwide AVS (Address Verification Service) setting. Credit cards can be declined if the issuing bank is of non–US origin and is not supported by AVS. International banks do not usually support AVS so they may be unable to verify the billing address.

It is most important that the credit card being used has an exact matching address and zip code to the name, address and zip code of the statement from your credit card company.



Please review the Warranty policy.
RETURNS for REPAIR:Please review the RMA , Return Materials Authorization policy.



Freight charges OUTSIDE the CONTINENTAL US :

All Consumer orders shipping to destinations outside the Continental US are sent via Air Mail, Air Parcel Post or FEDEX. We will select the least expensive method for you. Shipping & Handling charges will be added to the orders for all destinations outside the Continental US.



Freight charges for HEAVY product orders:

Orders that include heavy items, such as media, may have additional shipping & handling charges added to the order at the time of shipment.


Rev January 2018