Important information regarding product availability and estimated shipping dates from Raytech.



Our industry, along with many others in the parts and products business , has seen a surge in orders which is creating unprecedented demand for all of our products.

  • Our typical lead time to ship an order has been extended in some cases to 7-10 days  If your order is taking longer to ship than it did in the past we are very sorry and appreciate your patience.
  • The increase in phone calls and customer email tickets has our Customer Service team very busy trying to respond in a timely manner. We are sorry if you experience extended phone wait times, or if it is taking us a few days to reply to email tickets.
  • Lastly , we are doing everything possible to increase product availability, ship products quickly and answer all communications on a timely basis.

Again, we apologize for product and shipping delays and will continue to work hard to maintain your loyalty to Raytech.