Magnetic Wand Separator

Magnetic Wand Separator


Raytech’s Magnetic Wand is the fast and easy way to separate ferrous metal parts from your deburring/polishing media. The 1” x 15” wand features a comfortable grip with a hanging hook, a moveable parts shield and a strong internal magnet. Simply insert the wand into your media, pull it out with parts attached, and then pull up on the knob to drop the parts off the wand.

· 1”x15” wand reaches into the deepest tumbler bowls

· Strong internal magnet for a firm grip on your parts

· Fast and easy to use

· Handle includes storage hanging hook



Outside diameter of wand – 1”

Length, wand only – 15”

Overall length, fully closed – 17”

Overall length, fully extended – 25 ¼”

Lift capacity – 10 lbs/4.5 kg

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